How Our Audio Niche Site Went from $266K to $417K in Just 6 Months!

With the right content and SEO strategy, we drove a 300% traffic increase and 40% revenue growth in 6 months.
Mohit Tater
July 10, 2024
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Digital asset investing has become increasingly popular over the past decade due to its potential for high returns.

But at the same time, it is still a scary option for many, primarily because of the need for expertise in running and growing online content businesses.

However, as an investor, you don’t need to feel intimidated! 

With the right investment operator, you too can enjoy the benefits of your investment in digital assets, including a substantial growth trajectory - just like we achieved for this investor!

In this case study, we will discuss how we acquired a content business in the Audio niche at a valuation of $266K and grew it to a valuation of $417K, representing a 57% increase. 

The best part is that we managed to do this within a 6-month time frame! 

increase return

This was done through a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing!

Before we dig deeper into the strategies used, here is a brief overview of the project:

Before Acquisition:

98,000 visitors per month

$9K in revenue over the last 10 months

After Acquisition:

291,000 visitors per month, a 300% increase from the time of acquisition

$12.5K in revenue on average in the last 10 months -  around 40% increase from initial revenue figures.

total revenue

Now that we have the numbers out of the way, let’s dive deep into how exactly we did it!

analytics analysis

Technical SEO Audit 

As the first step, we ran an extensive technical SEO audit on the website after the acquisition. This audit was essential in ensuring that the website was well-optimized in the eyes of Google.

During the SEO audit, we looked at a wide range of things, from page speed and mobile compatibility to sitemap optimization, Title tag optimization, crawling efficiency, and more. 

We were able to identify the areas that needed attention and address them accordingly. 

technical audit

We also ran an Amazon broken link audit to ensure that none of the product links were broken or pointing to out-of-stock products. 

We also implemented a range of security measures on the site to guard the website against potential hackers. 

This included regular updates to the WordPress platform and removing any plugins that were causing bloat and slowing down the website. 

Finally, we ran an Amazon compliance audit to ensure all the product images, descriptions, pricing, and other items were all up to date and compliant with Amazon's rules and regulations. 

Featured Snippet Optimization

Featured Snippet Optimization was one of the key strategies we implemented on this website. 

By analyzing the user intent behind each query, we were able to identify which queries had a higher chance of triggering a featured snippet and how we could obtain them.

snippet optimization

We then optimized the content to address the query in a clear and concise way at the beginning of the post.

As a result, the website saw a significant increase in click-through rates and organic traffic, establishing it as an authority in the Audio niche.

To further optimize the content, we also ensured that the content was structured in a way that Google would easily understand. 

We used header tags to break up the content into sections and made sure each subsection had been optimized for featured snippets!

Page Level Revenue Tracking

In addition to implementing featured snippet optimization, we also set up page-level revenue tracking for this website's top 10 performing pages.

By monitoring revenue on a page-by-page basis, we gained valuable insights into which pages were generating the most revenue and which pages needed further optimization. 

page level tracking

Using this data, we were able to make informed decisions to optimize the underperforming pages. 

It also allowed us to gain insights into which topics were performing the best in terms of revenue so that we could double down on that topic cluster.

As a result, we significantly increased the overall revenue of the website.

Content Explosion

One of the first steps we take after acquiring a website is to implement a thorough keyword research process with the goal of establishing topical authority in the niche.

With the page-level tracking we implemented, we were able to identify which topics performed the best on this site, and that helped us during the keyword research process.

content explosion

We discovered a lot of untapped potential keywords and created pieces of content around them.

To be an authority in the Audio niche, it is essential to cover the majority of the topics of the niche. 

However, at the same time, it’s important to do a competitive analysis on the keywords to identify which ones should be done first and which ones are too competitive and can be skipped.

So, through our diligent keyword research and silo creation process, we were able to identify 27 such topics that helped the site in traffic growth.


This is how, through SEO and content marketing, we managed to grow the valuation of this website by over 57% in just under 6 months.

At Blackbook Digital, we understand that an investment in digital assets can be a thrilling way to earn high returns. Still, it can also be overwhelming for many, primarily because of the expertise required to operate them.

That's why we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy and reliable investment operator that can help our clients achieve their financial goals.

As demonstrated in this case study, our team is exceptionally skilled in utilizing various SEO strategies to acquire and grow digital assets for our investors. 

If you're interested in learning more about how Blackbook Digital can help you achieve your financial goals through digital asset investments, we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

We would love to discuss your investment objectives and how we can help you achieve them.

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